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  • Simulates ACESII, K-36D, GRU-7, SIIIS, F-111 Capsule, MK-14 seat
  • The Simulation also has thrust curv editor , so you can apply various rocket and catapult thrust.
  • The ejection seat's part acts like real thing. For example, the K36 Headrest and AcesII parachute package will fire by sequencer command . Parachute lines , riser lines actually bending like real stuff.
  • Parachute simulation was hardest to simulate... so simplified to decide opening requirement distance when object have traveled certain amount. Added some factor like reefing diameter, Cd, opening start speed...
  • SYS REQ: Windows® GraphicCard:3D acceleration support,DirectX 7.0 for sound support


Download Ejectionseat Simulator